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About Democracy Intelligence

Democracy Intelligence is about good democracy, not a side.

Globally, political apathy is growing due to the perception the citizen and community feel they have little impact on decision making. In the age of digital convenience, demand for consumer-centric services grows yet the democratic process remains a popularity contest with many indifferent.

The intricate nature of modern democracy is making decisions at all levels within society more complex. While vast amounts of data exist in the public domain, assembling these into meaningful insights for decision making is an onerous task. The task of those in elected public office and public servants is becoming harder.


The disconnect continues to rise, and good work by political figures and public servants is more often than not overshadowed by sound bite media. The inability of the public sector to communicate their message and stand out from the crowd (or their political party) is stifling public value creation through democracy. Many talented and passionate people are choosing not to be in public life because they are unable to achieve measurable change.

Democracy Intelligence is a data-driven service that understands the political, social and economic activities in a given geographical region.

Democracy Intelligence is based on a service that a data driven understanding of political, social and economic activities in a given geographical region.  Democracy Intelligence is used by the public sector and private sector to gain a competitive advantage within the following models: